Put together, the ARCLÈS consultants exceeds 500 man years of professional experience.
Along their career, they grew as managers or experts in a variety of domains/sectors.


Energy and Environment

They master the trades of energy (oil&gas, electricity, nuclear), from research to production and distribution.

Obviously, they also got involved in the development of renewable energy, the analysis of the possible impact on existing infrastructures and the relevant economical models, but also on the environment.


Manufacturing Industries

Some of our consultants have accumulated a significant experience in the manufacturing industries such as the heavy industry, the automotive, electronics, mechanics, freight and transportation or naval industries…

ARCLÈS contributes its expertise to help enterprises re-visit their strategies, increase their operational performance or build on international strengths.


Aerospace and Defence

In high demand of innovations, in technologies as much as in production, both aerospace and defence domains have a significant knock-on effect on other industrial domains.

The ARCLÈS consultants show great expertise in many technological fields along with a much diversified subject matter experience.


Telecommunications and Electronics

We note that the exponential increase of data transmission flows, the multiplication of offered services (internet of things) and the drastic decrease of transmission costs influence each other positively.

ARCLÈS have access to consultants and managers who directly contribute to this rapid development, either through their technical expertise or the transformation of uses and customs it implies.