Raisons d'être et valeurs


What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to serve our customers while taking account of environmental, social and societal issues.

Our purpose is shared responsible experience

This is expressed through our commitment to our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) charter which is founded on our values.

Our CSR charter

Our CSR charter is based on the core issues of the ISO 26000 CSR framework.

Our CSR commitments thus coverthe following themes:

  • Governance
  • Human rights
  • Social issues
  • Customers
  • Environment
  • Fair practices
  • Local development

The first CSR charter was signed by the ARCLÈS executive management in 2018 and shaped by the entire team

Our customer commitments

In compliance with its CSR charter and its values, ARCLÈS is committed to providing the following sustainable development and CSR-related expertise to its clients in a responsible manner:

  • Support in defining purpose
  • Setting up and supporting a CSR strategy
  • Listening to relevant stakeholders and analysis of materiality
  • Implementation of CSR reporting, including environmental reporting
  • Development of a company or regional climate policy
  • Advice on energy efficiency and resource savings
  • Support in energy strategy for companies or territories

These themes involve both consultancy and training.

Our strengths

The ARCLÈS team brings together many assets based on the operational and business expertise of our expert consultants.

They have held a wide range of positions in general management, sustainable development, human relations, human resources training, industry transformation, responsible business development, environment and energy, and support to developing countries.

Sharing experience

Shared experience is a core value at ARCLÈS.

The situations of our clients have often already been experienced and managed: together, the ARCLÈS team provides its clients with the fruits of a long experience in the field. The situations faced by our clients have often already been experienced and managed before: together, the ARCLÈS team brings the fruits of its extensive on-the-ground experience to its clients.

ARCLÈS lives only on the skills and experience of its consultants: they guarantee the quality of the service provided to our customers.

Rigorous curiosity

No matter what the assignment is, ARCLÈS doesn’t restrict itself to the technical characteristics or specificities of the activity sector.

ARCLÈS also integrates strategic, organisational, financial, social and human aspects.

ARCLÈS sets up a team with extensive experience which gives prominence to the imagination within a solid methodological framework.

It is from this culture that ARCLÈS draws the originality and strength of its analyses.

Respect for stakeholders

ARCLÈS consultants have successfully managed major projects, including the difficult stages of restructuring.

They have not only restructured complex organisations, but they have also managed change with all its technical and human aspects.

Last but not least, they believe that caring for people and respecting them are core values.