Purchasing Process Maturity Assessment



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For a leading global provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), with 75% of purchasing among >1B$ revenues and 15,000 employees :

  • Complex industrial setting covering high-tech industries (Automotive, Medical, Aerospace…) : 19 factories across 8 countries over 4 continents
  • Solid growth mainly through acquisitions
  • Internally different maturity, cultures, systems, tools within procurement
  • Low volume – high mix, customer specific projects lead to high component diversity
  • 50% tenders are lost due to lack of material competitiveness (hit rate <7%).



Conduct a 360° assessment of the strategic sourcing processes and identify concrete measures to :

  • Bridge historical material cost gap
  • Secure material erosion p.a. in line with EBIT target
  • Deep-dive into 14 Strategic Sourcing sub-processes (50 interviews / 6 key locations world wide).



Tangible :

  • Top 4 critical measures aligned with the Chief of Operations  (over 50+ identified), namely:
    •  Organization model
    •  Competence management
    •  Cost optimization tools
    •  Spend data warehouse
  • Actionable improvement program including site-level communication package
  • Practical recommendations to secure high performance of BoM tendering process

Intangible :

  • Fully detailed organization blue print + RACI.


Article rédigé par : Emmanuel Deligans – Consultant ARCLÈS